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NEW Reservation & Billing Design - Help - Easy Innkeeping


NEW Reservation & Billing Design

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GraceSoft is introducing a NEW design for its Easy InnKeeping reservation screen, which includes the following improvements!

  • Consolidated the Quick and Full reservation details into a single screen
  • New design includes all features from the old Quick/Full/Billing screen

Reservation Screen:

The reservation screen consists of different sections. They are,

  1. Rooms
  2. Guest Info
  3. Payment Info
  4. Notes
  5. Booking Summary

The functionality of each section will be explained below.


In this section date and room details are selected.

  1. Select Type of Reservation (Regular or Hourly) and Reservation Status.
  2. Choose the arrival and departure date
  3. Choose the room type. Based on the room type, available rooms will be displayed in the “Room” dropdown.
  4. Choose the room, which will automatically assigns the default rate. Use the “Rate” dropdown, if you want to assign a different rate.
  5. Enter the adult, child and children free, if applicable. If extra person charge is applied then it will add the additional charge when the allocated person exceeds included occupants.
  6. Click on ADD (plus icon) to save this room to a new reservation. Repeat the process if you want to add multiple rooms.
  7. Once the room is added in the “Booking Summary,” rate totals will be displayed.

To edit the room details, click on the “edit” icon (pencil), it will bring up the room details at the top and you can modify and click on “Add” icon.

2. Guest Info

Guest details.  If entering a new guest, type name, contact and address details into the fields.  For an existing guest, search by entering the Guest Name in the First Name box to view matching guest records.

3. Payment Info:
On the reservation screen, you will be able to specify the mode of payment, and enter card details. Actual payments will be processed on the billing tab.

4. Notes:
Reservation notes will be entered in this section.

5. Booking Summary:
Based on the number of rooms added, the booking summary will display the reservation totals. Select Discount Type if required.
Click on the “Save” button in the Booking Summary section to save the new reservation and add it to your Calendar.


Billing Screen:

Once the reservation screen is saved, it will populate the Billing icon in the left pane. When clicking on the Billing icon, it will brings up the billing screen. It has three sections,

  1. Charges & Discounts
  2. Payment & Refunds
  3. Billing Details


  1. Charges & Discounts
    To add a service, product or discount to the bill, click on the Account Code field to search and select the item.  Update the quantity and/or price and click on the “Save” button.
  2. Payment & Refunds
    Choose the payment account code by manually entering the payment type name or choose from the dropdown, enter the amount and save it. If you are processing payments through one of Easy InnKeeping’s gateways, click on the “Process Credit Card” button. This will create a payment row in the billing details sections.
  3. Billing Details:
    In this section all the charges, payment and discount transactions are displayed.
  1. Editing Room Charge
    Room charge will be displayed with the account code 100. The room charge for the entire stay can be edited by clicking on the edit icon (pencil). Once the edit button is clicked, the room charge will be pulled up under “Charges & Discount” section and the amount can be modified.
  2. Editing Individual date of Room Charge
    You can view & modify the rate for a specific night’s rate. To view or modify individual night rate, click on the expand icon next to the room charge.   Then click on the edit icon (pencil). Once the edit button is clicked, the room charge for that date will be pulled up under “Charges & Discount” section and the amount can be modified.
  3. Tax Exempt
    The lodging tax will be displayed with the account code 105. If the reservation is tax exempt, the tax can be removed by unchecking the tax checkbox. By checking the tax checkbox, lodging tax will be added again to the reservation total.



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